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I believe the goal of teaching is to instill the notion that learning is a continuum that must be embraced by both student and teacher. To make this connection, I first recognize who the learners are and their learning needs. This pedagogical approach is what I strive for each time I enter the classroom. I embrace the constructivist approach to teaching and learning, that is, I fostering self-learning and critical thinking at the same time aiming to peak collaborative opportunities. I believe that by instilling self-learning, students will retain the concepts and techniques presented to them, thus increasing intellectual enlightenment. Moreover, by bringing together a multitude of learning opportunities, I provide ample ways for students to succeed, and help lay the groundwork for life-long intellectual curiosity. 



Find me

University of Michigan-Flint

Department of Math and Natural Sciences

University of Michigan, Michigan Institute of Data Sciences (MIDAS) 

Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health


University of Michigan-Flint

Department of Math and Natural Sciences 

516 Murchie Science Bldg

Flint, Michigan 48502

t: 810-762-3355

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